Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 5 - To the gates of hell.

Course Recon.

I'm here been planning this for 2 years. The goal this time is the same as last. To finish in the top 100.

Of for my first look at the course. Based on what I've been been told. I'm shitting myself. "The ride from hell". "The ride to the Green Gate".
I set off on the climb with Peter from Newcastle and Pedro from Portugal. Both world champions in their age group on some event. The flat part at the start is 4.5%.......

Bally Road Climb.
4 km, 370m, 9% average grade.

Half way up now. Still with the guys but now it kicks even more.
There they go disappearing around the next corner. Oh boy this is tough.
Turn another corner and it still goes up. Wait they they are there's the Green Gate.
OK not the ride from hell. It's just the ride to the front gate.

The Bradburys

I'm now with my fantastic family. Don and Norine.
My room overlooks the creek and I don't need my water music to sleep now.

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