Saturday, May 23, 2015

Let the training begin

Ok, I've been a bit quiet since Christmas on account of me having a damaged tendon in my right foot.
The Abductor Digity Minimi or the little toe. It's still sore but after a 2 injections I'm starting to get some improvement.
I'm allowed to start riding now but with a few restrictions.   No hill, no pills, high cadence and keep the knees together.
Only 4 months to go until WEMBO.  It's all paid for and accomodation is arranged. Now might be a good time to start training.

Friday, May 22, 2015

A Trail of 50 Bridges

The commute home.
Abbotsford to Glen Waverley.  
21.6 kms
3 Rivers/Creeks 
3 set of traffic lights
25 dogs 
50 Bridges. Here are a few.  
I wont bore you withe the other 33. 
If I stopped at all of them it would have taken an hour longer to get home and it was nearly dark as it was.

.3 km - Yarra River - Burnley St Bridge

1.8 km - Yarra River -  Victoria St
1.8 km - Yarra River - Bridge Rd

2.4 km - Yarra River - Lilydale Belgrave Line
3.1 km - Yarra River - Swan St

4.3 k m - Yarra River - St Kevin College
4.7 km - Gardiners Creek - South Eastern Underhang

5.3 km - Gardiners Creek - Glenferry Rd
5.5 km - Gardiners Creek - The new bridge - Glenferry Rd

9.3 km - Gardiners Creek - One of those shitty small bridges that zig zag the creek all the way home.
9.6 km - Gardiners Creek - High Street Rd

11.9 km - Gardiners Creek - East Malvern Golf Course
12.1 km - South Eastern Freeway - East Malvern Station

14.4 km - Scotchman Creek - Warrigal Rd 
18 km - Scotchman Creek - The Rape Tunnels

18.7 km - Scotchman Creek - Stevos Rd
21.1 km - Scotchman Creek -  Blackburn Rd