Monday, July 23, 2012

2012 Blores Hill 6 hr Enduro

And so begins the official training for the 24.
What a place to start.  Blores Hill (Hayfield Vic)
It's still up near the top for race circuits.  The smooth flowing single trail is great to ride and so much fun. Except for that rocky bit up on Trig Point,  that is great of other reasons and 4 times longer than last year.

I finished 7 laps in 06:00:56. 17th place of 30 in the Solo 40+
It's a bit lower than I would have liked but in team BFC it's acceptable.
The usual leg cramps set in after 4hrs but I pushed through and I'm going to try some new drugs for the next event.
Some interesting stats from this ride.  The Average HR was 139.  That's not to say I wasn't working hard enough.  believe me, I was. 

No pictures yet as my support (Cody) was two busy on the IPad playing games to look up.  He was helpful by filling the water bottles and asking what I wanted to eat.  Well done mate.

Can't wait for the official coverage to be published.  There were lots of cameras up there, photo and TV.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Age Run Melbourne. 10km. "Not" Fun Run.

Well, I almost made it into the center of the picture.

My first attempt at a run went well.  10 km in 53min 15 sec.  Spot on my goal time.

Thanks so much to friends and family for sponsoring me.  I have raised $400 to go to World Visions Multiplying Gift Appeal.
The 102 members of  Team World Vision have raised over $25,000 which equates to $250,000 in Food aid to people who need it.

Time off running for now.  It's back on the bike to get ready for the 24hr in October.

Jac, was sad she couldn't run (She has the flu) and has put out the challenge for next year.  She still thinks she can beat me.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Crucifix - Part 1

Well that was hard work. Even today, 2 days later I still feel like I have just ridden the bay ride.
Check out the stats on this one.
Min Temperature -1 deg.
Max Speed 84 kmh. That is the 5th time I have registered that speed. Why can't I go any faster.