Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 Oppy 24 hr Challenge

Go Team SauruS.
H-o-SauruS, Frank-e-SauruS, Gibb-o-SauruS and Haych-e-SauruS

406 km in 24 hrs.
We left Lilydale Lake @ Overcast and threatening to rain. Frank-e-SauruS has a flat tyre before we get under way.

Stage 1- 70km to Yea.
A few wet roads but no rain.
Stage 2- 40km to Seymour.
First flat tyre for Haych-e-SauruS.
Stage 3 - 50km to Heathcote.
Gibb-o-SauruS needs a coke to get the heart pumping again.
Stage 4 - 45km to Bendigo.
Dinner, pasta of course and was it good.
Still no rain. But the roads are dry.
Half way there now.
Stage 5 - 70km to Moliagul.
Wow that was a slog another 70 km.
It's dark now. You can see the stars. All of them.
The roads are quiet now. A car goes past about every 1/2 hr. So Peaceful.
Haych-e-SauruS has two more flat tyres.
Stage 6 - 45km to St Arnuad.
It's 1am we have to get the drunks to sign the Brevet cards.
Legs are official overdone. Must pedal on. 100km to go.
Stage 7 - 55km to Dunolly.
3 hr rest at the Dunolly Motel. Did anybody sleep. Hardly.
SaurArSe syndrome is starting to set in. Ah! Have some more drugs guys. Ahhhhhhhh!
Stage 8 - 30km to
Maryborough. 8am All done 407 km in 17.5 hr ride time. Average 27kmh.

A special thanks to unofficial SauruS's Julie Amelia & Jason for an awesome effort supporting the SauruS's