Monday, December 5, 2011

XO Size Mini Tri @ Mordiallic

300m Swim,  8km Ride, 2km Run
My first attempt at a triathlon ever.  It was about 5deg, windy & wet.

Important things to note.

  • I have not swum 300m since Cody was a baby. 12 years ago & I nearly drowned a couple of times in the 1 & 1/2m ocean swell.
  • The last time I ran 2km I would have been in high school. 30 years ago.  I had to have a short walk in the middle of the run.
My times show how shit I was at almost everything.
Over all            113th of 241
M40 +             15th of 27

  • Swim 07:16
  • T1         02:41
  • Ride         14:12
  • T2         02:00
  • Run         11:02
  • Total        37:12.4

My one saving grace was that I was 13th fastest of the 241 on the ride.

With a little cross training & smarter thinking in transition I think I can do a bit better and there will be a next time.........