Saturday, April 12, 2014

Something different. Our first ever holiday with out Cody.

It's school holidays and C is in America on a school trip. So we are off to Wilson's Promontory for a few days. The last time we were there was January 1999. Jac was about 2 months pregnant.

Shit! Where is the meat.
We spent Friday night at the Fish Creek Hotel.  We booked in then realised we had left the meat at home in the freezer.  As there is only minimal stuff at the Tidal River shop we drive 1/2 hr back down the road to get some more.

Farrrrrrk..... Why are we here?
Up early on Saturday morning and we leave Fish Creek on route to the Prom when the rain starts and keeps falling and falling. Finally at 10:00 we get out of the car in a light drizzle, put on our packs and start walking only to be stopped by a woman in a bus "Do you want a lift to the MT Oberon car park?  It's a shorter walk from there." 10:30 We are finally on our way. We walk the first hr in rain then it clears up, coats away, jumpers off feeling a bit better now.

Camp Food.
Home made chili beef.
Pasta one day rice the next.

Why so many hills.
We did this 15 years ago, I can't remember all these hills. We stopped at Roaring Meg for lunch then the serious up down starts and keeps going until about 3:00 when we round a point and see the Lighthouse in the distance. It's then a gentle decent over the next 1/2 hr to the lighthouse walk. Then, it's up again that last 500 meters is a bitch.
19.5 km done on about 5hrs. On the bike that would have been just on an hour.

Rest day, or is it?
Just a short walk today to recover. We pick the Waterloo Bay walk, a mostly gently climb. 2 hours in we get to a great lookout over Waterloo and the Lighthouse then the track starts to drop away. That's it, time to turn back.  Another 15 kms. The legs are feeling it now. Oh! And a blister.

"The Lighthouse"
Wow, it's great. By our standard, 5 Star. We just had to carry cloths food and wine, they supply the rest. Nice beds, doonas, cooking stuff, sun set, sun rise, and more Wombats then an Australian giftshop.

Wildlife day.
It's a little further today. 24 kms the maps says. The Lighthouse was nearly full over night but we are the first to hit the trail. I know because it's me having the brush away all the spider webs. Once again it's a tough walk throughout the hills but with some great views as we come back through Oberon bay. 6:30 on the trail. 
So far at the Prom. 
A wombat, 7 deer, a couple of wallabies and a kangaroo, rabbit, a snake (only an small one), some more wombats, fox, wedge tailed eagle and a couple of mating lizards. Oh! And did I mention the wombats.

The Camper.
The holiday is not over yet. Find our site, set up the camper. Drive back to Fish Creek to get our pillows we left at the Hotel. The beer. Oh shit is not cold, the fridge has turned off over the last 2 days..........

3 more days. 
A few more walks, a couple of bike rides, a Strava KOM on MT Oberon descent. Over 5 days I have ride 40 km and walked 75. The legs are cooked.

Food poisoning?
On the way home we stop at a bakery in Leongatha. Can't go away on a holiday and not stop somewhere for a curry pie. The sausage roll is a bit average, the curry pie dry and over cooked and the hot cross buns. To die for.................Well we wont go there again.