Monday, November 28, 2011

Garmin 24hr Enduro, Redesdale 2011

OhNo! Not another wet ride.  The conditions really, really, really bad for the first 12 hr.  It rained for 9 hr before the race start and then a light drizzle until night fall.

The track, always twisting and turning with the potential of loosing the bike from under you in a blink.  Slosh and mud, no traction with rocks in it.
Slowly lap by lap the slosh cleared to make the track almost ridable.  The stars came out. The sun came up. That's a bit better.Physically and mentally demanding to the extreme.

A late entry on Friday afternoon saw a new team enter the mixed pairs category. The World Champion Adventure team has entered the Garmin 24. Bad luck for Haych and Kerryn.

Kate is a machine.  No Demons. Just determination
•Female Solo
•First place
•10 laps 172.2 km
• 5 Laps clear on 2nd Place
Keep your eye on Cycling Central for the official interview.      

Kerryn (That's Sami's awesome mate) is a machine.
After lots of falls and memories of recent "happenings", she continued to get up and pushed on.
Haych,  He's is a machine to.
•Mixed Pairs
•2nd Place behind those world champions.
•Haych (9 laps) and The Kingy (7 laps) = 16 Laps 275.52 KM
•5 laps behind the winners and 9 laps ahead of 3rd place.
We wont be on Cycling Central.  Ah! but I was.  Having a bath in the dam.

Hey. And not to forget our support crew. Bart, Mark and Shannon your guys and totally awesome. And the guy who kept dropping by with the beer and spare parts.  He's awesome to.