Monday, September 28, 2015

Day 3 - Escape from Alcatraz

This morning I rode up this big hill call Montara Mountain in the fog to see views of SF. Bitch of a climb really.
When I got to the top it was nice and sunny but all I could see was the clouds with two steal towers poking through.  They are on a hill in the city somewhere. If you blow up the pic enough you can see them in there.

Great decent. I even got a top 10 on Strava.

For the afternoon I went into the city to do the Alcatraz thing.  
I spent a couple of hours walking the city.  Lots of people.  Many homeless.
I have not seen the bay, the bridge or anything other that concrete, and gee it's hilly.
I made it to Pier 31 for the tour and something to look at at last.
It's always very foggy and everything is hazy.

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