Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rapha #festive500 Part 12. Walter Burley Griffin

The road network called "Canberra" wasn't the only town planning the man did. In Somers it's actually easy to follow.

All done now. Really.  Time for a drink.

729 #festive500 kilometers complete. 


Rapha #festive500 Part 11. The long way home

Well I have to get home form work. Why go the short way.

723 #festive500 kilometers complete.  


Rapha #festive500 Part 10. All Done. Fully Cooked. Oh! I still have to ride home.

Well that's it. New Years Eve and the challange finishes today. I finished with a variation on the 1 in 20. It may find it's way into the MTS (Mystery Tour Series) in the next week or two.

713 #festive500 kilometers complete.  


Monday, December 30, 2013

Rapha #festive500 Part 9. Monday Evening Gravel Rash

Wow.  Not very often I get to go for an evening ride.  It's the usual Wednesday Morning Gravel Rash on a Monday night.  Add in a trip to the city.  Convenient,  there are currently track works and closures on both sides of the river.

656 #festive500 kilometers complete.  


Rapha #festive500 Part 8. Track Lesson 5 - Farting without breaking Cadence

The description says it all really.

"Who Dropped the H Bomb"

601 #festive500 kilometers complete.  


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rapha #festive500 Part 7. Who goes for a 5 km ride?

I didn't really go for a 5 km ride.
That would have been pointless.
Add 70 more just for Rapha #festive500.

571 #festive500 kilometers complete. 

Rapha #festive500 Part 6. + 5 = 500

500 #festive500 kilometers complete.  


Rapha #festive500 Part 5. Foiled by the Wind

Today's 300 km Epic didn't happen because of the Ferry problems yesterday.  
I was supposed to be at home in Glen Waverley but I'm still in Somers and I have to go and collect the car from Stoney Point.

So It's Arthurs Seat instead. That was on the original ride anyway.
The drive way at home is at 12 % just like Arthurs Seat but only 40 meters long.

495 #festive500 kilometers complete. 


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rapha #festive500 Part 4. The Other Bay Ride.

It's gunna be a warm one today so we are off to Cowes on Phillip Island for a swim. It's only a 7 km trip by boat but as usual I go the long way which is actually the shortest way by road. 115 km.

Jess : Girls on Board
Cody had a surfing lesson with Jess from Girl on Board. Highly recommended in lots of ways.

When we went to catch the ferry back to Stoney Point from Cowes it did not turn up. "Cancelled by the Wind" They said. Ever tried getting accommodation on Phillip Island between Christmas and new year. We eventually go home at 10 pm after someone had to drive to Cowes to get us.

417 #festive500 kilometers complete.  


Friday, December 27, 2013

Rapha #festive500 Part 3. Crop Circle

Santa got a sore head

Rapha Festive 500. Ride 500 kilometers in 8 days.

Part of "The Suburban Explorer" Series.
Find as many ways to climb a hill as possible.
Today it's Mt Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula.

11 ways to climb Mt Eliza.
  1. Mountain Av.
  2. Humpheries Rd.
  3. Two Bays Rd.
  4. Station St.
  5. Maughan Rd.
  6. Wooralla Dr.
  7. Tower Rd.
  8. Wooralla Dr.
  9. Canadian Bay Rd.
  10. Humpheries Rd.
  11. Rosedale Gr.

303 #festive500 kilometers complete.    


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rapha #festive500 Part 2. Emerald Super Loop

Another early morning.
Up the 1 in 20 on the Felt. Grantalla Rd, Emerald, a two minute stop by the Sylvan Reservoir then back home via Me Evelyn.
The traffic is light as it's Boxing Day. Cars and Bikes.

205 #Festive500 kilometers complete.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Rapha #festive500 Part 1. The Surburban Explorer

Rapha Festive 500. Ride 500 kilometers in 8 days.

104 km


The Suburban Explorer is just another point less ride close to home.
Sort of like seeing your name written in the sky. Only in reverse.

The ride took me about 1/2 hour to plan and 4 hrs to ride. I'm lucky it's Christmas eve, the traffic was light this morning and the pre-plotted Garmin map created in Strava Route's worked perfectly.

104 #Festive500 kilometers complete.

Friday, December 20, 2013

MTS The Mystery Tour Series

Rather then the usual 1 in 20 twice a week we are on a quest to find some new roads.
Each week a different rider gets to choose where we ride.

There are not to many rules.
  • Start 6.00 am from work.
  • 50-55 km.
  • Back at work 8.15 ish. for the 3 S's. (Shit, shave & shower)

Week 1.
Host: JB 
Where: Selby-Aura Road.
Description: Gently run up to Belgrave, down to the Trestle Bridge then a left turn onto Selby-Aura Rd. Roughly following the Puffing Bills railway line we end up at Cardinia Reservoir. A short bit of dirt and back the way we came. Great views over Western Port Bay.
Originality: 8
Suffer Score: 6
Enjoyment: 8
Overall: 7.3

Week 2.
Host: BP Dave
Where: Mast Gully Road.
Description: We start in the back Streets of East Burwood and Glen Waverley and end up following the bike Track all the way to Upway.  Where are the hills, someones asked.  Coming!  Mast Gully road Goes straight up Maxing at 20 %.  I don't think I have ridden anything steeper on the road bike.
Originality: 8
Suffer Score: 9
Enjoyment: 5
Overall: 7.3

Week 3.
Host: Kate
Where: The Wall? 
Description: That's what we were told in a cryptic way.  Off we go and all of a sudden we are climbing Devils Elbow.  That's a bit of a slog to climb on the way to The Wall. "This is the wall isn't it?"  "No" Up and over and back to work on time.
Originality: 6
Suffer Score: 7
Enjoyment: 7
Overall: 6.7

Week 4.
Host: Brett
Where: Mount Pleasant.
Note: I forgot my Garmin and loaded Warrick's file.
With his Wiper Sniper heart rate against my max it looks like I just busted my pooper.
Description: Not going near the hills today. Where heading North.  Up Blackburn Rd all the way to the top. Then some. I have done a couple of the roads before but WOW! Nice place to live.  Oh! and 1200 m of altitude. 
Originality: 10
Suffer Score: 9.5
Enjoyment: 8
Overall: 9.2

Week 5.
Host: Ian
Where: Perrins Creak Road.
Description: Today we start with the usual ride up the 1 in 20.  At the top we head south for 1/2 a km. then down the Crescent.  It's a very slow and tenuous decent as the fog has reduced viability down to about 30 meters.  Turn left, up Perrins Creak Road.  We stop for coffee/hot chocolate on the way back through The Basin.
Originality: 7
Suffer Score: 7
Enjoyment: 8
Overall: 7.3

Week 6.
Host: Haych
Where: Boo to McDonalds Upway
Description: Reviewed by Warrick
We knew we were in for a hot ride, but the wind was the variable that caught us all out today. Haych led us from our usual rendezvous point at WVA to climb the 1:20, and continue onto the beautiful but rough Sherbrooke Rd. We popped out in Belgrave and for a moment I thought Haych might casually suggest climbing Terry’s Ave but thankfully we rolled past to take Glenfern Rd home. This turned out to be the most unpredictable part of the ride with crazy cross winds catching all of us out. I’d burned all my matches on the 1:20 so the ride back was fast and tough, and eventually we got to work sweaty and exhausted!
Great route Haych

Originality: 8.5
Suffer Score: 9
Enjoyment: 8
Overall: 8.5

Week 7.
Suffer Score: 

Week 8.

Suffer Score: 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Forrest MTB Festival 2013

Away for a weekend with a difference. Forrest MTB Festival. 5 races over 2 days.  Short race, long race.

Stage 1
15 km on the southern trails. Not  much oportunity for passing on this one.  I had one spill going over one of the log rollovers. 0 speed but did a spectalular flip over the handle bars. 6th place.

Stage 2
4.3km up hill. not fast at all. It took me 7 min to do the first 1.5kms. Elete boys did the whole thing in under 12 min. Finished in 15th place with 18.11

Stage 3
Same distance but down hill this time. 3 min faster down Red Carpet.

Stage 4
5km one on one. Starting in 30 sec intervals. Two riders. I tucked in behind at the start but 1km in my buddy crashes. It takes him the next 3.5 km to catch me but i'm cooked and he passes me 500m from the finish.

Stage 5
Here is the good one. 50 km. All the Yaugher trails in one go. After 20 km just riding with the bunch through Grass Trees and Mariner Run we hit Yo Yo. As the name suggests it's all up and down.  By persisting I climb all the steep bits on the bike where others fail. As we hit the fire trail at 22.5 km I take off. (Maybe it was the Jell, maybe it wasn't) For the next 28 km I smash out the trails like never before. loving it. I pick up 4 paces to finish 4th.

Over All
4th Place in Master Grp B

Monday, October 14, 2013

Better than a Root Canal

WEMBO - 24 Hour Solo MTB World Championships. 

It's been a big week with many mixed emotions. With my injuries over the last couple of months and my inability to train I went off to Canberra well under prepared and worried whether I would be able to ride the full 24 hrs.

Helium in the tyres?
We had a fairly uneventful trip to Canberra.  Except for when the front wheel of the car fell through drain resulting in water spewing from the front of the car.  Emotional turmoil #1. Fortunately it was only the washer water.  I fixed it in a couple of minutes and we were back on track.

Woke up early as usual with a slight tingle in one of my back teeth.  You know the one.  It's been filled that many times it's now more filling than tooth and is going to cost $5000 to have fixed.
We head out to the track after lunch, register, set up camp and the usual practice lap with Kate, James and Mark.
The course this time is a mix of the red and blue laps of last year. 16 km with one big climb and last years more technical rock sections removed.

Oh! and it's dry. 
It has not been raining for 2 days. 
There are no creek crossings, mud swamps or lakes.

Looking totally exhausted.  I haven't started yet.

Race Morning.
It's 8.00am. I have hardly slept overnight, the tingle is no more. I'll go about a 5/10 on the pain scale and an 8  when i bite down.  Emotional turmoil #2. At this point I could possibly say I have reached a lifetime emotional low. In fact, I'm a blubbering mess.
The idea of competing in the Solo 24 Hour World Championship was conceived just on 2 years ago and as such the last two years have been spent preparing for this day.

11.00am. With some great advice and support for Kate's dad Kim I was seated in the dentists chair discussing the option.  If they remove the tooth it's all over. Go home and rest for a couple of days and wait for it to heal.
Option 2. A Root Canal. Open it up, drain the infection and hope for the best. I will be able to compete but to what level? We will have to let the tooth fairy decide.

Race Day - Saturday
11.15am.  "Mark can you please get the bike ready. I'll be there in 30 minutes"
A Root Canal, the associated drugs and the pain has gone.  I'm just left with that numb feeling and a fear of eating for a while.
11.58am. I'm ready, the bike is ready, I haven't eaten all morning, I haven't stretched and the face is still numb but I've made it to the start line.
WEMBO here we come.

No Haych.
I am not going to massage your date.

Race Day - Sunday
I find out later that they expected me to last a couple of hours then concede.
19 hrs later I did gave up. Emotional turmoil #3.  No leg strength, forearms weak and hands sore as hell. The pain in the butt and tooth are distant memories.  40 minutes later after a ten minute walk and some stretching I'm back on the bike.  2 more Laps.

I'm sitting in the back of the car writing this and tears still come to my eyes as I realise how fortunate I have been to have such great people around me.  Without their support and help this would have not been possible. Mark, Glenn, Shannon, Bart, Jeremy, James, Kate and Kim.  I thank you so much.

WEMBO 24 Hour Solo MTB World Championships.
haych.mtb - Haydn Chapman
127th Place overall
19th in Male 45-49
16 Laps, 
5540m Elevation

And a huge congratulations to Kate.
6th Place - Elete Woman
20 Laps

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Not so well prepared

It's now been 5 weeks since Black Candy and I came to grief. The bike suffering no damage but poor me, a bruised Coccyx. I'd like to post pictures of the bruises........... No I wouldn't, they have been censored.

I think I've had 8 rides since for a total of  220 km. Not very good lead out for Wembo - World Solo 24 Hour Championships  next weekend.

Went back to the doctor again this morning for more needles in the Butt.
Fucking sore now so tomorrows ride is off and will have to get up real early on Monday for one more training ride.

The new seats  (cut away at the back)  have made a difference and this mornings ride (before the Doctor) was no worse that yesterdays ride on Dave so I might actually be able to race on the Black Candy. The hard tail.

Oh well.  This time in 7 Days I'll be just heading out on my? 6th lap. One 6 hr Enduro done, 3 more to go. Am I trying to talk myself into this or out of it?

Clock forward 1 hr tonight.  LOVE Day light Savings.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Got the SHITS and loving it.

Six Hours In The Saddle.

Black Candy went on a diet during the week and has lost 1.5 kg with the new wheel set.
As a first timer at Beechworth and not knowing what the trails were like I decide to take Black Candy and test the new wheels rather the the Dualy.

Beechworth MTB Park has some fantastic trails. They flow well but there is an amazing amount of rock that has to be endured.   With 10 km track not muck bigger than a football field and being as technical as it was I started to feel a bit lonely towards the end of the first lap. (No riders on the track in sight either ahead or behind).

After an almost crash on the first lap. Legs in the air bouncing around on rocks and landing on the tip of the seat I believe I may have hurt myself.  The bruises and the pain when I sit down would indicate such.  I might go and see a doctor tomorrow and find out if I have broken my Coccyx (Tailbone).

7 laps later I finish the event 6 hrs ride time, 6.10 elapse time.  77.5 km at an average 13 kmh.  7th place in the Male 40 + Category.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Banned from the bike. Again!

I've been having a problem with doors in the last week. This little one has kept me off the bike for a week as i can't put a helmet on.  8 stitches in total.

Note to self.
"Don't not pick up thing off the floor while standing in the front doorway".

Then 2 days ago a banged my head again on the screen door. Other side fortunately.

Today I scratched my arm on the Microwave door.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Ritual dance to the MTB Gods

A little trinket compiled by Glenn after the Scott 24 hr last year.

You tube Who dropped the h bomb

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Another pointless ride close to home

I have to go for a ride this morning.

Up the hill? Will do that tomorrow.
Into the City? Nah!
The velodrome?  I haven't been there for a while.

Ah! "The Suburban Explorer"
How about I ride every Street on the block and see how long it takes.

It wasn't to hard.  But who would of thought I'd end up doing over 30 km.
Give me a sense of the Garbo's job.
Except they have to do it in both directions and stop every 15 meters to empty another rubbish bin.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

1 Minute : 30 Seconds

Blores Hill 6 hr Enduro. Hayfield, Gippsland

Been a bit quiet lately, still recovering from shoulder surgery but been doing lots of riding.
The times up the 1 in 20 have still not come down so I'm feeling like the fitness is still suffering.

I had my first race of the season at Blores Hill. What a great race venue, all that fantastic single trail. Smooth, flowing and fast with a monster rock garden in the middle.

Here I was thinking my fitness is suffering and I finish the first lap in 43 minutes. For me that's not bad. I continued with 7 more and finished the race in 6 hr 2 min. 107 km. Average speed 18.3 kmh. Last year at the same race I only did 92 km at an average of 16.4 kmh.

I'm not sure what's going on as there a few new variables this year.

Felt Nine 3.  I love the new 29er.
Hardtail, first race ever on a hardtail.
I've also lost 5kg.
Or could it just be I had Kate 1:30 behind me for the first 7 laps.

What an "Epic" event.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sausage in bread

Going to visit friends in Mirboo North for the afternoon. 150 km from home in the Strezlecki Ranges.  The usual deal, I get up very early (5.00am) and ride and I will meet the family there around 11.00am.
As I haven't looked an a forecast all week I'm glad to see that's it's going to be a nice sunny day with favorable winds for a change.

It's 7 degrees on the Garmin but this quickly adjusts to 4. not so bad, i've seen worse.
I follow the Princess Hwy. through Dandenong and Beaconsfield and Pakenham where I join the freeway. But now the temp has started to drop 3.9, 3.8, 3.7........0.0  Every time I look down it's getting lower, is it ever going to stop. At this stage I'm wishing I had warmer socks.

Taking this photo did require an awesome effort.

For the next 25 km it stayed much the same bottoming out at -2.0 degrees.
With the sun now rising the trend has reversed and I start the climb up into the Strezlecki Ranges. Fantastic. It was worth it.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

And things get even better

Oh! and now meet "Black Candy". Strange thing really.  Offering a 2 for 1 deal to a cyclist is like offering smarties to a fat kid. N+1

Saturday, April 13, 2013

From bad comes some good

After the loss of the British Edition and 10 days (on holidays) without a bike, Dave came into my life. He has been named "DAVE". Named after my mate Dave. Why? Because it's red, a 29er and it likes going over jumps.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Stolen – Reward Offered

Stolen – Reward Offered
Thursday 28th March 2013
This unique MTB was stolen from the Bairnsdale Motel on Thursday night.  It has been highly customised and is very distinctive.
Please contact haych.mtb@gmail.com

2012 Felt Virtue Expert duel suspension MTB
: Medium. White with blue, red and black features.
Fork: RockShox Sektor TK Solo Air 15 130mm travel 15mm Maxle lite thru axle.   (They have my name on them "Haych")
Components: Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic disc brakes,
SRAM XO rear derailleur
SRAM XO gripshift 10 x 2
Wheelset: Mavic Crossride15mm disc wheelset, Continental X-King tubeless tyres                           
Seat: Thrones.com Union Jack (Only one sold in the world)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Last Lament of Whinging Pom.

Last Lament of Whinging Pom.

T'was just Christmas last.
When you came to me.
Wrapped so nicely.
A  bikethrone.
I did see.
It was not meant to last.
A love cut short.
A lament for the past.
Never did I get.
To feel you close to me.
It's now been 2 months.
Since shoulder surgery.
Last night while I slept.
Ear plugs inserted.
Some stranger stole you.
The British Edition included.
A motel.
Fingers crossed.
We will see.
I could cry.
If I like.
10 days without a bike.
What shall I do.
Oh how I loved you.
To the Scunner who stole you.
I Wish You The Very Badest Of Luck.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Team SauruS - 2013 Flèche Opperman All Day Challenge

Team SauruS Rides Again

So, it's my first ride back after major shoulder surgery. Frank, Kate Harold and I set of for Rochester in Northern Victoria for the Oppy. This years target is a meager 501 km in 24 hrs.  With Julie, Amelia & Geoff in tow as our support we start riding at 8 am from the Opperman Memorial.

It's been a really bad week.  My shoulder has been giving me hell but with a bit of advice from the Physio I have put a riser stem on the GTR.  It looks ridiculous but it has given me nearly 2 inches of height in the front.  He also told me not to ride or to at least minimize the amount of riding I do.  So I have decide to attempt to ride for 6 hours,  the first hr in every 4.

Stage 1 Shepparton - 70 km
We're on the road at last. The shoulder has responded to the new bar set up nicely.  If I stay off the hoods and concentrate on my shoulders being back and down it feels good.

Stage 2 Katamatite - 130 km
Woo ho! I'm still riding into stage 2 and feeling great.  I have been looking forward to this event for so long and I was told the recovery for the op was 4 - 6 weeks. And I'm pissed because it's taking much longer.  Two flat Tyres in 10 minutes. Bugger

Stage 3 Mulwala NSW - 170 km
Still going.  There is a great tail wind and the average speed is still above 29 kmh. As we ride into town there is a light drizzle. The roads are wet but we manage to stay warm. It's still 20 deg.

Stage 4 Corowa NSW - 210 km
I just had another flat Tyre  We see 4 other team going in the other direction. It's so obvious they are doing the same event.

Stage 5 Berrigan NSW - 290 km
Now for the hurt.  The legs are getting tired and SauruS syndrome has started. We have been riding into a nasty cross/head wind for the last 80 km I'm finding it very hard to keep up a rhythm. I'm looking at the map on the Garmin as I ride and I can see what is coming around the next corner.

It's been 6 weeks since I have been on a bike and I've now done 290 km in 14 hrs.  No shame in giving up now.

Stage 6 Cobram - 320 km
Kate, Harold and Frank push on they ride the next 100 km into the wind. The next time I see them they look destroyed. Going has been very slow. The rolling speed is now below 20 kmh.

Stage 7 Nathalia - 385 km
A very hesitant start.  It doesn't look like anybody wants to restart.  The slow going has reversed any time advantages gained earlier and it is going to be a tough ride to finish.  5 km into the stage I'm back on the bike to help out. 70 km to go to Rochester.

Stage 8 Echuca - 430 km
It's about 8 degrees,  The sun is rising, there should be an energy surge real soon, it always happens when the sun rises.....................

Stage 9 Rochester - 460 km
7.35am we ride into Rochester and go straight to the memorial.  Not finished as we intended to but that's enough. We are not the only team who hasn't made the distance.

Stage 10 Rochester -501 km
Cancelled.  We are out of time

Well done Kate Frank and Harold you guys are cool. Ride 461 km in 24 hr under extreme conditions. That's 3 new PB's.  Me, 364 km a 6 weeks after shoulder surgery and 6 week off the bike.

 Some more stats

4 riders total km 1747
461 for k,h, & f 364 for h
It was my first ride in 6 weeks
Ride time aprox 20 hr
Can of coke 8, jells 12, bars 12, fruit cake a big one
Chicken sambo...... No more please
Hrs ridden in the rain 0.5
km riden into a really shitty head wind 230
teams competing about 20.   Min distance 360 Max distance 540
scabs on my arse. 4
We all had trouble sleeping friday night and got 1-2 hrs of sleep. So really we went two full nights without sleep

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sins of the Father

Forgive me Bicycles,  it has been 38 days since major shoulder surgery.

Oh how I miss the feel of your grips and the comfort you give when my seat touches yours.

I promise you all. Soon I will get you down,  dust you off and take you for a much needed ride.

Who Dropped the H Bomb + Ritual Dance to the MTB Gods

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1 in 20 fun.

Cool,  just 2 days after a tough ride up Mt Buffalo I'm back on the 1 in 20 again.
20:42,  Just 8 seconds of my PB.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Bright Week. January 2013

We had another great week in Bright Victoria as usual.

The nerves were a stretched a bit thin as a fire was started by lightning in Harrietville on Tuesday leaving a cloud of smoke over the area for the rest of the stay.

This year I managed to squeeze in 480km in 8 days that included:
3 Mt Buffalo's.
A couple of Tawonga Gaps.
A Wandy Classic.
A family trip to the Bright Berry Farm for an ice cream.
And the usual fully sick MTB fun.

I finished on the last day with the Happy Valley Loop and little climb up Mt buffalo on the way back. 162km with over 2800m of climbing.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012. A few ride stats and a few PB's

Best year since records began.  I love my Garmin Edge

9681 km
  • 31534 laps of Blackburn CC Velodrome
  • Distance from Morocco to Casablanca
105 km Elevation
  • 12 times up Mt Everest
  • 167 times up Mt Dandenong
305,000 calories

  • 1968 cans of coke 
  • 1260 Mars Bars (@242)