Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bright Week 2014 with 4 Peaks

Another fantastic time in Bright.
The usual suspects are all there, the Robbo's the Horne's & the White's.
The 6am click.... click.... Brigade is on the go as well.

Lots of rides this time.
Sunday - Just got Buffed 72 km
Solo ride up Buffalo for a warm up.

Tuesday - Hotham here Hotham there 171 km
So, I rode all the way to Omeo for a sausage roll on to find the town has a rolling power cuts and the Bakery is closed. Bugger.

Thursday - Buffed Again 69 km
Up Buffalo again for a Hot Chocolate.  the shop was shut but you expect that at 8.30 in the morning.

Sunday - Australia Day Ride 120 km
Alpine Classic Falls Creek return with Mark.

Just a bit of fun while we were there.

Friday, January 17, 2014

I love it when someone else gets a new bike to.

Airley's Felt AR5 - Haych's Felt AR3

Airley picked up her brand new Felt AR5 last night from the shop and immediately posted a pic on FB.

Desperate to go for a ride.  I told her to be waiting out the front at 6.30 and I will pick her up on the way past. 4 laps of Albert Park Lake.  Love the new bike.  Just a bit like mine realy.  She loves it to.  Good luck with the training.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rapha #festive500 - All Done

Strava Rapha Festive 500 is all over.

I have order the special cloth patch and the limited edition Rapha Festive 500 Tee. I hope I will the prize.

A few days off the bike now to let the body recover.