Saturday, November 30, 2013

Forrest MTB Festival 2013

Away for a weekend with a difference. Forrest MTB Festival. 5 races over 2 days.  Short race, long race.

Stage 1
15 km on the southern trails. Not  much oportunity for passing on this one.  I had one spill going over one of the log rollovers. 0 speed but did a spectalular flip over the handle bars. 6th place.

Stage 2
4.3km up hill. not fast at all. It took me 7 min to do the first 1.5kms. Elete boys did the whole thing in under 12 min. Finished in 15th place with 18.11

Stage 3
Same distance but down hill this time. 3 min faster down Red Carpet.

Stage 4
5km one on one. Starting in 30 sec intervals. Two riders. I tucked in behind at the start but 1km in my buddy crashes. It takes him the next 3.5 km to catch me but i'm cooked and he passes me 500m from the finish.

Stage 5
Here is the good one. 50 km. All the Yaugher trails in one go. After 20 km just riding with the bunch through Grass Trees and Mariner Run we hit Yo Yo. As the name suggests it's all up and down.  By persisting I climb all the steep bits on the bike where others fail. As we hit the fire trail at 22.5 km I take off. (Maybe it was the Jell, maybe it wasn't) For the next 28 km I smash out the trails like never before. loving it. I pick up 4 paces to finish 4th.

Over All
4th Place in Master Grp B