Saturday, September 27, 2014

A long cold winter

So. It's been a while since the last post. Cold, very wet and yes, injury.

In late February while doing final prep for this years Oppy 24 hr challenge the inevitable happened. Over the handle bar at 43.2 km/h while riding at Lysterfield Lake MTB Park. I still finished my lap with a Strava PR but not very comfortably.

So with broken Collar Bone I'm off the bike again.

If I'm to believe Strava then I was moving at 43.2 kmh when I fell. Lucky I landed in soft grass & Kangaroo turds.
 Oh! And my heart stopped.

After two months of recovery it has not healed so it's under the knife again.  Same shoulder as last time, just a different injury. And now my new bling kit. 7 bits of titanium.

Now 6 months later it's still giving me a bit of grief but I'm back on the bike.
Made my weekly Strava goal last week for the first time since the accident.

Next........ The Bay Ride in 3 weeks.