Friday, March 29, 2013

Last Lament of Whinging Pom.

Last Lament of Whinging Pom.

T'was just Christmas last.
When you came to me.
Wrapped so nicely.
A  bikethrone.
I did see.
It was not meant to last.
A love cut short.
A lament for the past.
Never did I get.
To feel you close to me.
It's now been 2 months.
Since shoulder surgery.
Last night while I slept.
Ear plugs inserted.
Some stranger stole you.
The British Edition included.
A motel.
Fingers crossed.
We will see.
I could cry.
If I like.
10 days without a bike.
What shall I do.
Oh how I loved you.
To the Scunner who stole you.
I Wish You The Very Badest Of Luck.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Team SauruS - 2013 Flèche Opperman All Day Challenge

Team SauruS Rides Again

So, it's my first ride back after major shoulder surgery. Frank, Kate Harold and I set of for Rochester in Northern Victoria for the Oppy. This years target is a meager 501 km in 24 hrs.  With Julie, Amelia & Geoff in tow as our support we start riding at 8 am from the Opperman Memorial.

It's been a really bad week.  My shoulder has been giving me hell but with a bit of advice from the Physio I have put a riser stem on the GTR.  It looks ridiculous but it has given me nearly 2 inches of height in the front.  He also told me not to ride or to at least minimize the amount of riding I do.  So I have decide to attempt to ride for 6 hours,  the first hr in every 4.

Stage 1 Shepparton - 70 km
We're on the road at last. The shoulder has responded to the new bar set up nicely.  If I stay off the hoods and concentrate on my shoulders being back and down it feels good.

Stage 2 Katamatite - 130 km
Woo ho! I'm still riding into stage 2 and feeling great.  I have been looking forward to this event for so long and I was told the recovery for the op was 4 - 6 weeks. And I'm pissed because it's taking much longer.  Two flat Tyres in 10 minutes. Bugger

Stage 3 Mulwala NSW - 170 km
Still going.  There is a great tail wind and the average speed is still above 29 kmh. As we ride into town there is a light drizzle. The roads are wet but we manage to stay warm. It's still 20 deg.

Stage 4 Corowa NSW - 210 km
I just had another flat Tyre  We see 4 other team going in the other direction. It's so obvious they are doing the same event.

Stage 5 Berrigan NSW - 290 km
Now for the hurt.  The legs are getting tired and SauruS syndrome has started. We have been riding into a nasty cross/head wind for the last 80 km I'm finding it very hard to keep up a rhythm. I'm looking at the map on the Garmin as I ride and I can see what is coming around the next corner.

It's been 6 weeks since I have been on a bike and I've now done 290 km in 14 hrs.  No shame in giving up now.

Stage 6 Cobram - 320 km
Kate, Harold and Frank push on they ride the next 100 km into the wind. The next time I see them they look destroyed. Going has been very slow. The rolling speed is now below 20 kmh.

Stage 7 Nathalia - 385 km
A very hesitant start.  It doesn't look like anybody wants to restart.  The slow going has reversed any time advantages gained earlier and it is going to be a tough ride to finish.  5 km into the stage I'm back on the bike to help out. 70 km to go to Rochester.

Stage 8 Echuca - 430 km
It's about 8 degrees,  The sun is rising, there should be an energy surge real soon, it always happens when the sun rises.....................

Stage 9 Rochester - 460 km
7.35am we ride into Rochester and go straight to the memorial.  Not finished as we intended to but that's enough. We are not the only team who hasn't made the distance.

Stage 10 Rochester -501 km
Cancelled.  We are out of time

Well done Kate Frank and Harold you guys are cool. Ride 461 km in 24 hr under extreme conditions. That's 3 new PB's.  Me, 364 km a 6 weeks after shoulder surgery and 6 week off the bike.

 Some more stats

4 riders total km 1747
461 for k,h, & f 364 for h
It was my first ride in 6 weeks
Ride time aprox 20 hr
Can of coke 8, jells 12, bars 12, fruit cake a big one
Chicken sambo...... No more please
Hrs ridden in the rain 0.5
km riden into a really shitty head wind 230
teams competing about 20.   Min distance 360 Max distance 540
scabs on my arse. 4
We all had trouble sleeping friday night and got 1-2 hrs of sleep. So really we went two full nights without sleep

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sins of the Father

Forgive me Bicycles,  it has been 38 days since major shoulder surgery.

Oh how I miss the feel of your grips and the comfort you give when my seat touches yours.

I promise you all. Soon I will get you down,  dust you off and take you for a much needed ride.

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