Saturday, August 31, 2013

Got the SHITS and loving it.

Six Hours In The Saddle.

Black Candy went on a diet during the week and has lost 1.5 kg with the new wheel set.
As a first timer at Beechworth and not knowing what the trails were like I decide to take Black Candy and test the new wheels rather the the Dualy.

Beechworth MTB Park has some fantastic trails. They flow well but there is an amazing amount of rock that has to be endured.   With 10 km track not muck bigger than a football field and being as technical as it was I started to feel a bit lonely towards the end of the first lap. (No riders on the track in sight either ahead or behind).

After an almost crash on the first lap. Legs in the air bouncing around on rocks and landing on the tip of the seat I believe I may have hurt myself.  The bruises and the pain when I sit down would indicate such.  I might go and see a doctor tomorrow and find out if I have broken my Coccyx (Tailbone).

7 laps later I finish the event 6 hrs ride time, 6.10 elapse time.  77.5 km at an average 13 kmh.  7th place in the Male 40 + Category.


  1. The Tailbone is not broken, just severely bruised. I have pictures if you are interested. LOL.

  2. #Pro Tip: Do NOT ask to see the photo of the bruise. Things that are seen can never be unseen.....