Saturday, October 5, 2013

Not so well prepared

It's now been 5 weeks since Black Candy and I came to grief. The bike suffering no damage but poor me, a bruised Coccyx. I'd like to post pictures of the bruises........... No I wouldn't, they have been censored.

I think I've had 8 rides since for a total of  220 km. Not very good lead out for Wembo - World Solo 24 Hour Championships  next weekend.

Went back to the doctor again this morning for more needles in the Butt.
Fucking sore now so tomorrows ride is off and will have to get up real early on Monday for one more training ride.

The new seats  (cut away at the back)  have made a difference and this mornings ride (before the Doctor) was no worse that yesterdays ride on Dave so I might actually be able to race on the Black Candy. The hard tail.

Oh well.  This time in 7 Days I'll be just heading out on my? 6th lap. One 6 hr Enduro done, 3 more to go. Am I trying to talk myself into this or out of it?

Clock forward 1 hr tonight.  LOVE Day light Savings.

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