Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Confessions of an Adrenaline junkie

Last night I rode my first Road Criterium.
C Grade - Eastern Veterans - Metec in Kilsyth.


Last week after doing a D Grade trail ride where I was not allowed to contest the finish.  I thought this is easy. A nice afternoon ride with the heart race barely reaching 130.

Oh! How things change. C Grade after a gently first lap exploded. Hell have no Fury. Ride like all stink for 53 minutes, non stop.
I spent most of the 27 laps in the back 1/2 with the occasional excursion towards the front. I'm no stranger to riding in a bunch but at 40-45 kmh riding in to the sun where you can't see anything other than the outline of the rider in front is a bit of a scare.
For the last 2 laps I made it up to the front and rounded the last corner in the first 5.
The Sprint.  That is going to need some work.  8th place?

The after effects.
So the heart rate does go above 150.  Average 136 and I got a bit in the really dark red.
A 36.2 kmh average speed is also a first.

The body today has a new kind of sore.  Not like that of a 24 hour MTB.
It's the kind that craves more. An adrenaline rush like no other.

To be continued.  Next week.

By comparison to higher grades, I guess this was still a walk in the park.....

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