Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day 13 -14 - Are the drugs really worth it?

Well it's been another very uneventful 20 hr trip from San Francisco back to Melbourne.
But now the fun starts.  As I  exit the plane everybody is lined up out on the breeze way for the sniffer dogs.
What. Why would that nice dog single me out. I don't do drugs.

<2 hours later>
I've been queuing all over the place Passport, Duty free, More Passport stuff, Luggage, Oversize Luggage. I'm nearly out. The last stop in luggage inspection and as I get to the front the friendly dog man is there to greet me. "Can you come this way please Sir." Because the sniffer dog like me so much he wanted to get to know me a little better as well. Had they been watching travel for the airport for the last 2 hours. I really like to know.
Oh boy! here come the question.
Where have a been? What was I doing? Is there any reason why the dog liked you so much?
What medications do you have?.  Have you taken drug recently?

Stating got get a bit worried now. Squeezing a bit harder.
Next, a full luggage inspection.
Next, I full body pat down.

"OK Sir, You can exit that way".
Lucky.... They may not have liked it when they found the Alien Anal Probe.

No pictures supplied.
Who Dropped the Haych Bomb

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