Monday, December 31, 2012

Rapha Festive 500 - Day 7

Day 7.1 - 31st Dec. Back to work @ the Velodrome.

Nearly there, only 40 km to go so I lay in bed for an hr then do the usual commute to work. It's only 5 km so I stop at the Velodrome on the way. I have to break the same road twice rule here.   It's a velodrome.  I went past the same place 95 times and even managed to get into the top 20 on the Strava Blackburn Velo flying 200

I left the velodrome and finish the ride to work and reach 501 km on my way into the car park.
501 Rapha km in the bag.

Here is where it get good.  I download my rides to Strava and I now have 601 km on the clock.  That false start on Christmas eve is included. Yeah!

Day 7.2 - 31st Dec. The Blood Bank.
All that's left to do is ride home. It's New Years Eve and the Blood Bank awaits.  
105 donations "In the bag".

610 Rapha km in the bag.

The Rapha Festive 500 Summary

500/600 km in one week, that's hard.  Long distance, little recovery time and not much sleep.
Bring on the 2013 Audax Australia Fleche Opperman One Day Trial.  500km in 24 hr. I know it's tough, i have done it before but at least I know i'm only going to be sore and tired once. 

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  1. Hope the Oppy Trial went as good as it could with the weather you possibly got. Hope you can do a write up!