Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rapha Festive 500 - Day 5

The view from Christmas Hills looking down over Yarra Glen
Day 5.1 - 29th Dec. Some more hills.

The legs are starting to feel it now, long rides, little recovery, and a lack of good sleep.

I created a route on map my ride and said that's tomorrow's ride. It looked OK at the time but later?
I seriously under estimated the hills and overestimated my condition.

Starting in Eltham I rode out through Research and on to Christmas Hills, Yarra Glen & Healesville. there were no particularly big hills but there was a lot of short steep stuff that is just as bad.

The trip home was a little flatter at the start but that was to change when I rode into Wanga Park & Warrandyte. It was worse.
404 Rapha km in the bag.

Day 5.2 - 29th Dec. Family Matters.

It's school holidays and the family have been sitting around doing nothing other the computer games.  Time for a little ride on the bike track.
415 Rapha km in the bag.

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