Friday, October 5, 2012

TdH 2012 - Bright

This year TdH (Tour de Heartland) was a base camp in Bright. 4 days with a bit more of a challenge for anyone willing to step up.  375 km over 4 days with 5768m of vertical climbing.

TdH - Day 1 - Mt Hotham
Early Thursday morning,  Dave, Kate, Paul & I set off from Vision Drive heading for Harrietville. After a quick stop in sunny Bright for lunch we were on the bike just before 1.  Nice and sunny at the start but as the altitude increased the temperature started to decrease and a little bit of rain as I rode above the snow line. As I rode into the village 2h 5min (PB) later the temperature had dropped to 7 degrees.  A quick rest, put on some warmer cloths and into downhill madness.

TdH - Day 2 - Mudegonga Mt Buffalo
Days 2 sees us as a bigger group of 16 rides We set off from Bright heading for Ovens. There is a nasty wind blowing up the valley but the group still manages a good pace.  When we start on the Mudgegonga loop the wind picks up even more and we are almost pushed up the hills backwards.
Now the fun starts The A+ team branches off at Porepunkah and head for Mt Buffalo. The first 15 km are good but we ride in rain for the last 10 km. The temperature drop to 4 degrees as we come back down. Wet & very cold but another great ride and a PB on the climb.

TdH - Day 3 - Happy Valley Loop
Again as a bigger bunch we set off up Tawonga Gap.  Another PB on the climb for me and an amazing challenge for some of the others. The sky is getting a bit dark.  We are told that 15 min after we leave the top there is a blanket of snow across the rest area. The trip down the valley turns bad as the rain starts falling.  Then the hail and then more snow.  If that's not bad enough, add in the head wind and a few magpies.

TdH - Day - 3 Bright MTB
Just for something different Dave and I head out for a little MTB.  Those Bright trails are something else.

TdH -Day 4 - Harrietville Return.
An easy day to finish off. We all ride up to Harrietville for a hot chocolate/coffee.  A little bit of drizzle but not a show stopper.  The trip up 49 min.  The trip back. Awesome 32 min

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