Sunday, September 16, 2012

Taller that the rest. But still looking up.

Just finished the 6 hr Ride for Epilepsy and drive straight to the Ruccis Circus 2013 Spectacular.
I get out of the car at Circus my legs are so cramped I can't walk and nearly fall to the ground.  Oh! in about 60 minutes time I'm going to be dancing the Charleston......  On stilts.

A full on 1 hr stretching session and I think I'm OK. At least I can walk in a pair of Bluntstones.

Act 1. The 1950's
I made it. Legs are good now.
Cody - A Red Blood Cell doing
it's work on the Body

Act 2. The 1970's
There are times when I should just
stay at home. NOT
1970's Afro on Roller Skates

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