Saturday, November 29, 2014

Another Forrest MTB Festival

Off to Forrest for another festival.   5 races over 2 days.

Stage 1 XC 15 Km So Fo Sprint
41st place in Masters.  Oh! That makes me first place in Masters B

Stage 2 TT Balidjaru Hill 5 km Climb
I'm not a climber. Lost a couple of spots.

Stage 3 TT Red Carpet 5 km Super D
500 m in I've clean busted of my seat post. 4.5 km without a seat post really hurts. Lost a few more spots. Down to 7th place.

Stage 4 Pair TT Caspers Revenge 5 km
Two riders head out at a time. I time my burst just right at 4 km and get the win by 20 seconds.
Back up to 4 th place overall. There is only 1 minutes separating the top 10 riders in Masters B.

Stage 5 XC 50Km Forrest Fiddy
Includes every other trail at Forrest. Once again I time my burst for the right spot. 22 km in when we come off the Jo Jo trail. It's turned into a very warm day and several areas have been burnt back so the trail is dry,dusty and hot.
First place. 7 minutes ahead of second.

Overall 1st place in Masters B 40-50 with a 18 minute gave to second.  My first ever win.

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